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Player Profile

Dre Jansen LA Dragons

Andrei Jansen


Nationality :Australian
  • Nickname? Dre
  • Date of birth? 4/8/1983
  • Teams you support? Collingwood – don’t judge, I will get new teeth one day LOL – Kings, and Barcelona
  • Played Aussie rules since? Age 16
  • Favourite/preferred position? CHB or second ruck option up forward…these days probably bench is more fitting…
  • Most embarrassing moment? Footy-wise, missed a goal from the goal square. The pill fell into my lap unexpectedly and I had a blonde moment. Personally, where do I start….
  • Teammate you most admire? Why? Any American giving this game a go.
  • Occupation? Branch Manager for Gebrudder-Weiss LA
  • Favourite food/drink? Beer Burgers & Kale….just kidding
  • Best football/life advice? Football – you get more hurt hanging out. Life – it’s not that some people have the willpower to change and others do not; it’s that some people are ready to change and some are not.
  • Three people you would invite to dinner? Michael Jordan, Elon Musk, Kelly Slater
  • Favourite movie/music/travel destination? Too many to name….The Matrix is right up there. Most versions of house music. Too many to name; love a holiday…can be at the beach, the snow, or anything in between…
  • What don’t we know about you? I was actually born in Romania and moved over to AUS when I was seven.