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Player Profile

LA Dragons - Chris Salvatore

Chris Salvatore


Nationality :Australian
  • Nickname? Massive Sack, Big Sack, Crispy
  • Date of birth? Nov. 1, 1981
  • Teams you support? Melbourne Demons, LA Kings, LA Dodgers, LA Lakers, LA Rams
  • Played Aussie rules since? Under-17s
  • Favourite/preferred position? I used to play on the wing until I hit 30 years old; that was my favourite position, as you got to roam free wherever you liked. Now that my body is like a 50 year old, the goal square is where I live now.
  • Favourite moment with the Dragons? Definitely winning the National Division 2 Grand Final in Ohio in 2014. My first tournament with the LA Dragons and we dominated Nationals. Lots of fun and beers with the Dragons boys that season.
  • Most embarrassing moment? It was at my old work in Australia – I had to get to the toilet, I get in the men’s and there’s no toilet paper, so I thought I’d get some from the ladies toilet. I knocked on the toilet door, but there’s no answer, so I quickly pushed the door open and marched in – and bam, there was the assistant branch manager with her pants down to her ankles, tucking in her blouse, into her massive granny panties, pulling them right up to her boobs. Well, she screamed like she had just been stabbed. Damn, let’s just say I was in massive trouble with the boss!
  • Teammate you most admire? Why? Frederik Schulin. Just a great guy to have at any club, always smiling and doing what’s best for the team. He is the definition of teammate.
  • Worst kick/handball/tackle? Worst kick would have to be Brett Campbell Gavin.
  • Occupation? I work at Costco in the merchandising department.
  • Favourite food/drink? Pizza and beer – in LA, I don’t mind a Coors Banquet.
  • Best football/life advice? When in doubt, kick long/If you aren’t first, you’re last.
  • Three people you would invite to dinner? Tiffani Thiessen, Will Ferrell, Michael Jordan
  • Favourite movie/music/travel destination? Days of Thunder, Dumb and Dumber, and Step Brothers are all up there with my favourite movies…with music, I like everything but heavy metal…hands down Vegas. You can’t beat that place.
  • What don’t we know about you? I love drunk karaoke nights.