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Player Profile

LA Dragons - Fred Schulin

Fred Schulin

Defender / Midfield

Nationality :Danish
  • Nickname(s): Freddy
  • Date of Birth: 2/1/75
  • Teams you support: Bombers
  • How long you’ve played Aussie rules: 10 years
  • Fave/preferred position: midfield
  • Fave moment with the Dragons: Vegas trip June 2013 with the team.
  • Most embarrassing moment: Vegas trip and got injured in the fountain
  • Teammate you admire most and why: the LA Sharks metro team – we had such an old but great team
  • Occupation: running treatment facilities for teenagers with drug issues
  • Fave food/drink: Danish meatballs
  • Best footy or life advice: get your first Danish drink and you will love it for life
  • Fave movie/music/travel destination: with two baby kids I don’t hear music, don’t go out and does not want to travel away from the home 🙂
  • Three people, you would invite to dinner: I hate going out for dinner! Waste of money
  • Something we don’t know about you: I am fucking good at badminton – national champ as a kid and will kill all of you with a little feather ball!