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Player Profile

Gary Green - LA Dragons

Gary Green


Nationality :American
  • Nickname? Greeny
  • Date of birth? 9/27/73
  • Teams you support? Adelaide Crows, Norwood Redlegs
  • Played Aussie rules since? 30 years
  • Favorite/preferred position? Centre
  • Favorite moment with the Dragons? Winning Regionals in 2013
  • Most embarrassing moment? Losing to CBC in Year 11
  • Teammate you most admire? Why? D-Rock. He works with disabled children and I really admire that. Also, the way he carries himself in general.
  • Worst kick/handball/tackle? Me – this year, I was playing for Riverside 45 metres out on the run, no one near me, and I sprayed it for a point
  • Occupation? Security Director
  • Favorite food/drink? Seltzer water
  • Best football/life advice? You get out of it what you put into it
  • Three people you would invite to dinner? My three kids
  • Favorite movie/music/travel destination? Inception, Bob Marley, San Diego
  • What don’t we know about you? I DJ techno