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Player Profile

Paul Jackson - LA Dragons

Paul Jackson


Nationality :Australian

Nickname? Jacko or my brother calls me Fathead

Date of Birth? 01/01/1983

Teams you support? Bombers

How long you’ve played Aussie rules? over 20 years!

Fave/preferred position? Hhalf back flank

Fave moment with the Dragons? Ssecuring our first Div 1 win at nationals

Most embarrassing moment? Mmissing all of the team functions

Teammate you admire most and why? Will Crandall; only bloke skinnier than me and yet he goes at the pill as hard as anyone

Occupation? Sales

Fave food/drink? Favourite food is sushi, favourite drink is a free one!! Just kidding; beer or an espresso martini if I’m classing it up

Best footy or life advice? Surround yourself with people better/smarter than you, then learn

Fave movie/music/travel destination? Fav movie is Deadpool or Snatch. Music is StLucia. Travel destination is Nice, France. Where I went on my honeymoon.. what a brown nose, I am.

Three people you would invite to dinner? Milo, Sam the Fisherman and Coach JK, then watch ladies line up!!

Something we don’t know about you? I have both my ears pierced?!?! Haha