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What is Aussie Rules ?


The sport of Australian rules football draws upon many influences, among them rugby, soccer, and Gaelic football. Played on a grass oval between teams of 18 players, Aussie rules is a full-contact, fast-paced, and hard-hitting game. It requires players to dispose of the pill-shaped ball by kicking or handballing, but not throwing. Aussie rules footballers are known for their athleticism and toughness, as they attempt to boot long goals and leap against their opponents.

The game originated in the parks of Melbourne in the late 1850s, as local cricketers sought a new sport to keep them fit in the winter months. Also known as footy, Aussie rules has a long and exciting history and was first played here on American shores in 1996.

To this day, Aussie rules is very popular all over Australia but is historically centered in the large cities of Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. The sport is played in many other countries worldwide, including the UK, Japan, Canada, Papua New Guinea, and Denmark.